In 2014 a small startup called My Little Golfer approached our agency, Crispy Interactive, about creating an app to support their children's golf coaching program. Later branded WeeGolf, they were create a program that would allow parents to bond with their kids while teaching them fundamentals and core values of golf. 
They worked with golf pro's to create a curriculum of fun activities that students could practice at home and enjoy playing in their weekly group classes. Crispy was asked to design a responsive app that could be used by parents and pro's to schedule, plan and practice.  
The Pro Portal was key to the bridging at-home activities with in-person sessions. It allows instructors to create and manage their schedules, their students and their curriculum. It was built responsively so that instructors could use the dashboard on a tablet while leading classes at the golf course.
The client needed two sign-in and registration flows tailored to Parents or Golf Pros. For the pro's we focused on quick profile creation so they could quickly get in to setting up and managing their class series. For the parent's, we created a soft-gated experience so that they could check class availability before having to provide personal information.
The final UI was a friendly and clean design that made it easy for parent and pro's to plan the perfect blend of at-home and group activities to teach their kids the fundamental skills and values of golf.
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